About Pharma Members
Pharma Member is a social networking site & community, where people can share thoughts & make new connections.

Pharma Member provides bundle of facilities under one umbrella via social networking site , where pharma lover can share there thoughts, ideas and vacancies regarding the pharma sector.

A unique initiative started by a pharma lover by the "Pharma Member Society" for the purpose of building strong pharma and Medical Representative professional network world wide.

Pharma Member is specifically design for pharma people where they can find facts regarding health issues and also brings people together to do, explore, teach and learn new things that help them in the pharma stream.

Key features of Pharma Member Organisartion:

>> Online connectivity for various new Pharma and MR professional people world wide.

>> Online social networking Platform for pharma people only, you can connect with each other via 1 to 1 chatting and video calling.

>> Online vacancies in pharma sector.

>> Read updated interesting facts related to health.

Features: Activity Streams | Member Profiles | Chat | Pages | Groups Content Restriction | Events | Photo sharing | Comments | Hashtags & More

Help us to build strong network of pharma in world wide.....Need supports.